Landscape Maintenance

  • springcleanup

    Spring Clean Up

    A Spring Clean Up is a crucial step in reviving and preparing your yard for the upcoming growing season and provides a great start to promoting a healthy lawn and landscape.

    – Removal of all left over debris from fall and winter

    – Removal of all twigs and branches

    – Dethatching / Raking of the lawn

    – Blowing out of all gardens and all paved areas.

    – Garden option: Includes removing winter protection and all left over debris in gardens, turning of soil, edging of all garden borders, and pruning as needed

    Spring Clean Up
  • lawnmowing

    Lawn Mowing

    Paysagiste Wolfe Landscaping Inc. offers a scheduled weekly lawn mowing service which includes:

    – Lawn mowing

     – Trimming of all edges and garden beds

     – Blowing of all paved areas

     – Lawn clippings removed from property

     – Our crew will complete your visit with a quick evaluation of your property

    Lawn Mowing
  • fallclosing

    Fall Closing

    Paysagiste Wolfe Landscaping Inc. offers customizable fall closing packages. Here are some of our fall services:

    – Cutting down of all perennials

    – Removal of all annuals in gardens and pots

    – Preparation of garden beds for winter

    – Leaf pick up and disposal

    – All shrubs and smalls trees get tied up

    – Installation of winterizing materials

    Fall Closing
  • planting_retainingwall_syntheticgrass_8_1

    Custom Garden Maintenance Packages

    Paysagiste Wolfe Landscaping Inc. offers customizable garden maintenance packages unique for every property. We can create your own personal garden schedule.


    – Weeding in garden beds

    – Turning of soil to allow air to circulate for proper plant growth

    – Edging of all garden borders

    – Trimming and pruning

    – Dead heading flowers

    – Fertilizing programs

    – Enrich soil conditions with new compost

    – Planting services

    – Annuals arrangements (Spring, Summer. Fall, Winter)

    – Flower pot maintenance and fertilizing

    – Installation of new mulch

    Custom Garden Maintenance Packages
  • plantingandgardens_17_3

    Garden Rejuvenation

    Is your garden looking drab and tired? Let us breathe new life into your outdoor areas and give it a fantastic makeover.

    – Removing select old overgrown plants

    – Introducing new plants that will compliment your established garden

    – Pruning trees

    – Weeding

    – Soil conditioning & mulching

    – Improving drainage and water storage around plants

    – Small scale redevelopment

    Garden Rejuvenation
  • trimming

    Pruning & Trimming

    Paysagiste Wolfe Landscaping Inc. offers pruning and trimming services for all types of trees, hedges and shrubs on your property.


    – Plant training

    – Maintaining health

    – Quality of flowers/fruits

    – Restricting growth to maintain proper shape

    – Pest and insect control

    Pruning & Trimming
  • aeration


    Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow water, air and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots.


    – Improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere

    – Enhanced soil water uptake

    – Improved fertilizer uptake and use

    – Reduced water runoff and puddling

    – Stronger grass roots

    – Reduced soil compaction

    – Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance

    – Improved resiliency and cushioning

    – Enhanced thatch breakdown

  • topdressing

    Top Dressing & Over Seeding

    Top dressing is the process of applying a thin layer of our special mix, which includes: compost, black soil, peat moss and sand over the surface of your lawn with a high quality seed.


    – Smoothing the lawn surface

    – Helps control thatch

    – Improves drainage

    – Protects the grass over winter

    – Improving lawn colour

    – Improving soil conditions

    – Enhancing seed germination

    Top Dressing & Over Seeding
  • fertilizer

    Lawn Fertilizer Treatments

    Proper fertilizing with balanced applications throughout the growing season promotes thick, dense grass that can resist disease and weed invasions


    – Reduces the chances of weed growth

    – Improves resistance to disease, insects, temperature and drought

    – Thicker & greener grass

    – Stimulates new growth

    – Promotes deeper roots

    Lawn Fertilizer Treatments
  • snow_1

    Snow Removal

    Paysagiste Wolfe Landscaping Inc offers a wide range of snow removal services for our residential, commercial and industrial clients. With our winters being so harsh we offer a 24/7 service during this season.

    – Snow removal for driveways and parking lots

    – Snow removal for all walkways, staircases and in front of garage doors

    – Salting services for driveways, parking lots, walkways and stairs

    – Snow relocation and hauling

    Snow Removal